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Communities and schools are intrinsically linked — one seldom succeeds if the other fails. Schools need families and communities that are involved in the education of students; communities need schools that serve as centers of community life. Roberts Community Learning Center (CLC) offers services and programs tailored to the individual needs of the students, parents/families and greater community, thus providing myriad opportunities for all members to be a life-long learners. Roberts CLC provides access to health services, safety and social services for students and families, as well as recreational, educational and cultural opportunities.

The Community Learning Center Institute is a national leader in leveraging public school facilities to become hubs of educational, recreational, cultural, health and civic partnerships, which optimize the conditions for learning and catalyze the revitalization of the community. On-site resource coordinators provide the critical infrastructure at the site level to develop, integrate and manage the community partnerships.

The Community Learning Center Institute partners with Cincinnati Public School District and Roberts Academy to provide a Hub Director, Tracy Power, to facilitate the school-community partnerships. To learn more about the community ‘hub’ please contact Tracy Power.

Contact Person: Tracy Power
Phone: (513) 363-4643
Mobile: (513) 709-3905