CPS Spring Athletics Guide 2022

March 30, 2022

Please see guidance below as it pertains to the CPS Athletics Spring 2022 Season as we continue to emphasize the safety of our student athletes, staff and our school communities:


Check with school athletic directors for the most updated schedule. All school ADs info can be found on the district athletics website.


Online streaming will be accessible at select Cincinnati Public Schools' facilities. The home school is always responsible for providing the stream. Links and additional streaming information will be shared through school VNN websites and athletic department social media pages.

See below with high school athletic department Twitter handles:

If there is a delay, cancellation, or reschedule for any game, updates will be posted on school Twitter accounts.


All student-athletes and coaches are recommended to practice social distancing at all times besides when playing. In addition, student-athletes are recommended to bring their own water bottles, towels and other equipment. Please consult with your school athletic director to ensure all procedures are being followed at all times.

Masks are optional for all students, coaches, spectators, etc.

Home and away cheerleaders will be permitted at all contests.

Sideline expectations will remain consistent with district guidance in regards to social distancing at three feet apart, when possible. This is expected for indoor and outdoor activities. It is recommended to avoid high fives, hugging and sharing equipment as much as possible.

Academic and Athletic Accountability (AAA) Pathway Expectations

As student-athletes, it is critical that team coaches and administrators support the "student" identity as much as, or more than, the "athlete" identity. Coaches and administrators represent the front-line to getting our kids ready for college and life. In addition to the key features below, the AAA Pathway program also supports potential NCAA/NAIA/Junior College student-athletes and offers test preparation.

  • Academic eligibility, Meets OHSAA 1.0 and CPS 2.0 eligibility, or is actively participating in an Academic Intervention Plan (AIP)
  • In-season grade checks by school’s AAA Pathway Coach sent to ADs and coaches
  • Academic Intervention Plans, All students marked as "at-risk" or ineligible must ACTIVELY participate in an AIP

Additional Information

School Athletic Directors are your point of contact for all COVID related items. Please contact your athletic director if you have any questions or need to report a positive case. 

School athletic teams who are traveling out of state must submit special requests and will have to be approved through the Superintendent's office.

Out-of-Season sports programs are permitted to work out during times not designated as "no contact" periods for sports.

Spring Sports Guidance & Spectator Code of Conduct

Spectator Information

Any person attending an athletic contest in Cincinnati Public Schools must perform a self-evaluation before entering a district facility. Those determined to experience any of the following symptoms will not be permitted to enter: 

  • fever
  • headache
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • congestion
  • runny nose
  • diarrhea
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • shortness of breath
  • loss of smell/taste
  • close contact with somebody who has COVID-19

Hand-sanitizer will be provided and available at multiple locations throughout all facilities.

Outdoor facilities are currently operating at 100 percent capacity of venue per district records. Indoor facilities will operate at 75 percent capacity. (Please note we will update all families through coaches and administrators if any updates are made during the season.)

Ticket prices will be determined by the school and the athletic conference that schools belong to. Prices may vary depending on the sport.

All tickets to events will be purchasable online through Hometown Ticketing. You can find out more information on how to purchase tickets through the school athletic department or by visiting the school's athletics website.

*Pre-sale ticket cash transactions may be available depending on the school — please follow up with your athletic director for more information.

There will be no congregating in any areas away from the bleachers before, during or after contests. All spectators will be asked to leave the facility immediately after all contests.

Restrooms will be available at all facilities — handwashing and proper hygiene will be made a priority in these areas.

Athletic Directors, CPS Security personnel and Cincinnati Police Officers will have the authority to remove anybody from facilities if they are not in compliance with CPS Athletics Spectator Guidelines. Please see CPS Spectator Code of Conduct.


Concessions will be available for purchase determined by the school and athletic conference that schools belong to. Prices may vary depending on the facility. Concessions workers are required to wear gloves and will be asked to limit any cash transactions. There will be no self-serve stations available at any facilities.

CPS Athletic Department Websites