Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Positionsort descending Phone Email
Guzman, Carlos Assistant Community Coordinator 363-4600 email staff
Houston, Kiera Building Engineer 363-4615 email staff
Rivera, Maria Early Childhood Resource Coordinator 363-4697 email staff
Bartel, Katrina Manager, Lunch Room 363-4698 email staff
Jadeed, Sarah SBHC - Case Worker Associate 363-4669 email staff
DeGreg, Nicole SBHC - Family Nurse Practicitioner 363-4669 email staff
Heard, Pamela SBHC-Medical Assistant 363-4632 email staff
Rico Alarcon, Fernando SBHC-School Nurse 363-4621 email staff
Guzman, Carlos School Community Coordinator 363-4603 email staff
Wheeler, Paige School Psychologist 363-4613 email staff
Cooke, Joshua Security 363-4678 email staff
Graise, Michael Security 363-4678 email staff
Carter, Pamela Senior Support Specialist 363-4600 email staff
Burbridge, Brandon Specialist, ISS 363-4658 email staff
Bird, Daniel Vision 2020 Coach 363-4664 email staff
Fernandez, Antonio Welcome Center Director 363-4697 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subjectsort descending Team / Grade Phone Website Email
Batton, Shawnise Grades K-3 ALC 363-4658 email staff
Dohn, Natalia Central Clinic-Ready to Learn 363-4648
Pearson, Adam Art Grades K-8 363-4622 email staff
Smith, Branden Band Grades 5-8 363-4664 email staff
Hiatt, John Design Technology 363-4633 email staff
Davis, Pamela ELA Grade 5 363-4665 email staff
Parham, Isabel ELA Grade 4 363-4651 email staff
Mulligan, Erin ELA Grade 7 363-4680 email staff
Pittinger, Eileen ELA Grade 5 363-4672 email staff
Vogelsang, Elise ELA Grades 7 and 8 363-4634 email staff
Vogelpohl, Kara ELA/Social Studies Grade 3 363-4631 email staff
Laskarzewski, Sydney ESL Grades 7 and 8 363-4672 email staff
Feucht, Tyler ESL Grade 8 363-4634 email staff
Hayes, Carmen ESL Grade 4 363-4651 email staff
Kroner, Sydney Barnes ESL Grade 6 ESL 363-4624 email staff
Spencer, Sarah ESL Grade 5 363-4683 email staff
Westendorf, Linda ESL Grade 7 363-4680 email staff
Dempsey, Taryn Intervention Specialist Grade 5 363-4665 email staff
Endres, Erika Intervention Specialist Grades 6-8 363-4673 email staff
Query, Molly Intervention Specialist 363-4642 email staff
Owens, Lisa Math Grade 6 363-4640 email staff
Dove, Jacqueline Math Grade 8 363-4605 email staff
Mallue, Tyler Math Grade 5 363-4640 email staff
Oliver, Eric Math Specialist 363-4612 email staff
Kinzeler, Kathryn Math Specialist Grades K-3 363-4634 email staff
Heister, Cynthia Music Grades K-8 363-4692 email staff
Winn, Brie Operational Paraprofessional 363-4600 email staff
Hagood, Jennifer Reading Specialist 363-4670 email staff
Neiman, Jennifer Reading Specialist Grades 4-8 363-4612
Philpott, Charlotte Science Grade 6 363-4624 email staff
Harper, Isabelle Kalubi Science/Social Studies Grades 7 and 8 363-4630 email staff
Johnson, Ligia Cuevas SLIFE Grades 7 and 8 363-4624 email staff
Alcantara, Paulino Spanish Grades K-8 363-4659 email staff
Reed, Joan Spanish 9-12 363-4633 email staff
Burke, Natalie Soto Spanish 363-4633 email staff
Berning, Jennifer Specialist, ESL 363-4651 email staff
Stutzman, Rebecca Specialist, Intervention 363-4675 email staff
Younger, Charlene Specialist, Intervention 363-4666 email staff
Linn, Kristi Specialist, Intervention 363-4649 email staff
Bryan, Margaret Specialist, Intervention 363-4680 email staff
Chrystal, Michelle Specialist, Intervention 363-4664 email staff
Goettsch, Tara Specialist, Intervention 363-4641 email staff
Campbell, Jill Specialist, Reading 363-4612 email staff
Garrett, Dr. Jill Specialist, Speech 363-4685 email staff
Luedeker, Beverly Teacher Grade 1 363-4663 email staff
Benson, Laura Teacher Kindergarten 363-4667 email staff
Sharp, Heather Teacher Grade Pre-K 363-4689 email staff
De La Paz, Kimberly Teacher Preschool 363-4687 email staff
Tengler, Stefanie Teacher ESL 363-4639 email staff
Termuhlen, Michelle Teacher Grade 4 363-4671 email staff
Thompson, Flametta Teacher Grade 3 363-4696 email staff
Schmidt, Christa Teacher Grade 1 363-4647 email staff
Ward, Beverly Teacher Grade K 363-4636 email staff
Chiarella, Vincent Teacher Grade 3 363-4650 email staff
Froelicher, Johanna Teacher Grade 6 363-4668 email staff
Sickinger Maher, Greer Teacher Grade 3
Brubaker, Amy Teacher Grade 4
Burns, Sharon Teacher Grade 1 363-4647 email staff
Campbell, Jeffrey Teacher PE 363-4626 email staff
Colon, Joe Teacher Grade 6 363-4682 email staff
Davis, Peggy Teacher Grade 1 363-4655 email staff
Desfosses, Caitlyn Teacher Grade 7/8 363-4654 email staff
Ervick, Melissa Teacher Grade K 363-4681 email staff
Fisher, Karen Teacher Grade 2 363-4674 email staff
Holthause, Jennifer Teacher Grade 2 363-4614 email staff
Jackson, Tammy Teacher Grade 7/8 363-4635 email staff