Principal Alpacino B. Beauchamp

Principal Mr. BeauchampPrincipal Alpacino B. Beauchamp has served in public education for over 15 years.  Mr. Beauchamp graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2003 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Middle Childhood Education and a Master’s of Education degree.  He began his teaching career as a math and science instructor in the Northwest Local School District. He then served as Principal/Headmaster of Marva Collins Preparatory school for one year. 

Mr. Beauchamp embarked on a five year effort to earn a M.B.A. degree, work in corporate America, and teach business students at the collegiate level. His experience in business helped to shape his views on the collaboration of schools and the local business community.  Mr. Beauchamp returned to K-12 education in 2012 as a high school math instructor at Princeton High School. He served Princeton City Schools for two years before joining the cadre of instructional coaches at Hamilton County Education Services Center. Mr. Beauchamp collaborated with the teachers and principal at Oyler School to help improve math instruction.  After one year, Mr. Beauchamp joined Principal Vera Brooks at Roberts Academy to serve as the Assistant Principal. In February of 2018, Principal Beauchamp was chosen by the Roberts Academy LSDMC to succeed Principal Vera Brooks as the Principal of Roberts Academy.

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