Roberts Academy
...addressing the whole child, the whole school, the whole community.


Roberts Academy is a community learning center located in the heart of Cincinnati's Price Hill neighborhood, serving approximately 790 Pre-K through 8th grade students and families. Roberts is proud of the academic successes achieved in the hallways and classrooms of our wonderful learning community.

The school population provides a snapshot of the diversity in the community, with students and their families coming from over 20 different countries, including Guatemala, Mexico and Venezuela, Ivory Coast, Somolia, Senegal,  just to name a few. The rich culture of our community is embraced and celebrated every day as we educate and enrich our students, their families, and theRoberts pic surrounding community. 

The school's lead agency is the Community Learning Center Institute, which facilitates community engagement and assists in building partnership capacity. Roberts houses many co-located partners, all focused on removing barriers which impede academic, physical, and social success. Additional educational, after-school, and health support for students comes from The Cincinnati Health Department School Health Program, Activities Beyond the Classroom (ABC) Foundation Extended Day Academic and Enrichment Program, mentoring and tutoring partners, Young Readers Program, Central Clinic-Ready to Learn, Adopt A Class, Cincinnati Early Learning Center Inc. (CELC), and the FreeStore Foodbank Power Pack program, and numerous others who are dedicated to the academic success of our students.

We at Roberts, pride ourselves on focusing efforts to  improve and make a positive impact on the entire community, one child at a time. This is only successful when opportunities are available to educate a student academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

  Enjoy watching how the First Grade students describe themselves!!  Watch the video here.


When you miss a day at Roberts, you miss a lot!!! You can now keep in touch with all of the happenings with our community learning center, students and families by watching a monthly video and reading our electronic newsletter. The CAN Report (electronic newsletter) can be found in the navigation bar above. Watch the video here!


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